DeltaProactive Risk Management

"As Technology advances, Security becomes Tighter"

DeltaProactive Risk Management, a group of risk management experts is one of the main branches of FLUXONIX Corporation.

For clientele, privacy related to business, customers and employees, adhering to legal and ethical obligations is of outmost priority. DeltaProactive Risk Management is one of the trusted brand names in the field of Security Solutions. DeltaProactive Risk Management provides organizations with services that comprise procedures and functions, to protect a client's business, big or small from unprotected, unauthorized access.

DeltaProactive Risk Management efficiently complies with Risk Management standards and methods to protect an organization's informational assets from damage of any kind.
Primary goal of DeltaProactive Risk Management is to ensure minmum risk for people, process, policy and technology aspect of any organization.
How does DeltaProactive Risk Management help?

DeltaProactive Risk Management focuses on the risks related to Information Technology i.e. IT Risk Management (ITRM).
Organizations are prone to risks of various kinds, when it comes to Informational assets. With advancing technology, new threats arise at every moment, hence it becomes important to handle and protect data which is central to the organization. Informational resources are of prime importance to an organization because they (Informational resources) determine achievement of business objectives.

Monumental efforts are practiced to identify various risks and seek countermeasures to reduce those risks.
Most common issues in today's Era of Information Technology are:

  • Identity Theft and Data Breach
  • Malicious spywares, Viruses, Trojans, Phishing, spams
  • Government policies and compliances
  • Government/Industry regulations and compliances
  • Enterprise risk management, Vulnerability Assessment & Incident Response


DeltaProactive Risk Management helps clients in identifying and eradicating various risks/issues involved in today's growing field of interconnected business operations. DeltaProactive Risk Management ensures the establishment, maintenance and continuous update of Information security management system in an organization. DeltaProactive Risk Management ensures implementation of methods and tools to protect data against any form of breach by unfavorable situations (elements).

"We continue to trust with our ever advancing and dependable Security System"


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