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A leader, a visionary and an innovator ANSHUL ABHANG, conceived the idea of FLUXONIX during his college days. Powered by intellect and backed with passion for technology FLUXONIX Corporation came into existence in 2007. Anshul is an engineering graduate in Information Technology with MS in Information Security. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the IT industry with several key international certification and accolades to his name.

 He envisioned of FLUXONIX as a platform to merge innovation and creativity. Passion for technology and dedication has helped him create a niche in the field of Technology. Anshul firmly believes that dedication coupled with inspiration leads to Innovation. He strongly believes that every dream can be lived with firm determination and dedication. He has always been an ardent leader, may it be his academic days or his professional career.

Anshul is one of the pioneering name in the field of Information Security and Strategic Growth. His areas of expertise is Security Solutions, Software architecture designing, Application security, VOIP, Virtualizing Security are to name a few. He has helped several organizations in India and abroad in securing their mission critical system. He is an invited speaker at Reserve Bank of India and top IT conferences on Cyber Security. Anshul has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and IT heads of leading Indian banks on computer fraud investigation and application security hardening.

He strongly believes that every organization has a social responsibility and this responsibility must be sincerely carried out. This belief led to the formation of FLUXONIX Foundation, a not for profit organization. It aims at an equitable, humane and sustainable society.


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