"Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent.

Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success."

- Thomas A. Edison

FLUXONIX Corporation, the dream enterprise of Anshul Abhang took shape in 2007. Anshul's idea was to create something new, something that had maximum utility. We have made our presence in the global market with our Innovation, Expertise and a Promising Future Growth. We endeavor to provide exceptional value to our customers. We constantly innovate in order to improve our services.

Headquartered in India, we have clients across the globe. With a wide spectrum of clientele from various domains, we have proved our knowledge and skills time and again to meet the challenging standards. Every difficult and adverse situation motives us to strive further for the success of our organization and our customers. Thinking out of the box and following ones conscience is what that keeps us going. We are open to accepting and evaluating new ideas and thoughts.
We are committed to create value for our customers, investors and associates. This commitment has constantly fueled the journey, encouraging us to think differently, take risk, work with passion and make things happen. Our commitment, passion and entrepreneurial spirit have only grown bigger, spurring us to look ahead and continue this journey towards achieving greater heights of Value Creation.

We take great pride, as we are our client's first choice for Trust. We recognize that helping them achieve their strategic goals is the foundation of our success. We are privileged to be chosen as the most elite supplier of information security services. Our private sector clientele encompasses a mix of different verticals and enterprises of varied sizes. From FTSE 100 to Startup businesses, we have a wealth of experience in helping manage risk within diverse and complex business environments.
FLUXONIX Corporation, which has evolved as a brand name, has diversified in various verticals:

  • LANTORIS Education, (Global Cyber Security Education & Content Transformation)
  • DeltaProactive Risk Management, (Enterprise Risk Management)
  • FLUXONIX TECHNOLOGIES, (Next Generation Disruptive Technology & Business Transfomation)


We at FLUXONIX believe in "A next generation group creating tomorrow's technology TODAY!"

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